1. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital is entering a crucial phase of its history. This campaign will confirm its willingness to modernize its infrastructures in order to promote efficiency and accessibility to care as well as integrating new practices.

  2. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital, once expanded and renovated, will need to distinguish itself with state-of-the-art equipment to adapt to the medical realities of today – it should be noted that in the region served by the hospital 29% of the population is over 60, the 2nd highest rate in the province, giving rise to a number of complex issues.

  3. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital, in its quest for excellence, cannot continue to hold the title of “oldest regional hospital in New Brunswick.”

  4. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital must be the cornerstone of healthcare in the region and should not have to refer so many patients to consult specialists outside of the region.

  5. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital needs to increase its floor space by half and must acquire leading-edge equipment to treat an increasing number of patients.

  6. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital symbolizes an initiative that supports the economy and employment, in accordance with the priorities of the government – the renovation and construction project as a whole should create more than 2,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction.

  7. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital will be able to evolve with the expansion project by integrating its vision of patient centered care, in association with a therapeutic environment focused on innovation.

  8. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital is depending on telehealth, technology and the reorganization of space to retain and recruit its professionals.

  9. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital will be able to offer patients and their families as well as the health care teams an environment that is adapted to their needs.

  10. Because Chaleur Regional Hospital, even with government support, depends on you and the community to consolidate its leadership.