Jacques Ouellet : Enjoying life after a heart procedure

After a heart operation, your life can change or it can remain as it was before your surgery. Everything depends on your attitude toward this event, which may seem impossible to overcome. Some people withdraw and feel sorry for themselves, while others pick themselves up and strive to make the most of their second chance. As for me, I’m thrilled to have the chance to see my grandchildren grow up and to spend time with my family.

In my case, my risk factors were high. Despite close monitoring by my physicians, my family history was pointing straight toward heart problems. Exercise and a better diet could have helped prevent my heart disease but I didn’t change my lifestyle. Like everybody else, I thought this type of problem could only happen to others.
I’m taking advantage of my second chance to take action and encourage all sorts of initiatives to prevent heart disease. We must all support our Foundation, which is working hard to put in place the equipment that will improve screening and frontline care. Many people’s survival depends on this.

Mike and Danielle Goyette on the birth of Lennon Michael on November 20, 2012

“From our first pregnancy appointment until the time we left with our beautiful baby boy, we were extremely impressed with the care we received from the Chaleur Regional Hospital. Throughout our journey, we had absolute confidence in all of the doctors, nurses and residents, and knew we were getting first-rate care.

After our little boy was born, the doctors identified some minor issues, which extended our stay at the hospital and made the Special Care Nursery our home for the first week of Lennon’s life. We were cared for by people who loved what they were doing, and that meant the world to us.”

Peter Gummer : Positive experience at the Chaleur Regional Hospital

On August 13, 2012, I was admitted to the Chaleur Regional Hospital for knee replacement surgery. After the procedure, I had to use a walker for two days and a cane for two weeks. As a result of the quality care I received and the exercises recommended by the health care professional, I’m very happy to report that after three months, I’m back to doing what I am most passionate about: walking in the bush as a geologist and prospector…at the young age of 70, no less! My experience at the Chaleur Regional Hospital was very positive and I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the outstanding staff for their commitment to my recovery.