19 April 2019

The Friends of Healthcare once again confirm their support to the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation

Bathurst – The Friends of Healthcare took advantage of the Chase the Ace evening Tuesday to present a contribution of $40,000 to the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation.  This amount made it possible to purchase closed circuit TVs which promotes the accomplishments of the Foundation and its partners.  The Foundation also envisions using these televisions to promote healthy living habits with the patients.

“We would like to inform you that we receive very good comments from the volunteers and patients regarding this new promotional and awareness tool.  This is an important opportunity to highlight the exceptional participation of partners such as the Friends of Healthcare with regards to the staff and the users of our services and healthcare.  Thank you once again for your exceptional commitment towards our Foundation”, affirms Mr. Jean-Guy Robichaud, President of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation.

The Friends of Healthcare have been long-standing partners of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation.  This group announced, at the launching of the Foundation’s major campaign on May 17, 2016, a commitment of one million dollars.  This donation is the most important one since the creation of the Foundation nearly 30 years ago.  This contribution is added to the numerous contributions that they have already made in the past with regards to other designated projects, annual campaigns as well as the Roses Radiothon.  This group successfully supports the Foundation through the success of their Sunday evening bingo which is televised at 6:30 p.m. on Rogers channel 10, as well as the organization of the third Chase the Ace which also supports other groups in the community.

“The members of our group all have the cause of the Foundation to heart which is to support the improvement of healthcare at our regional hospital.  We have all had need of our hospital at one time or another and we were happy to receive care and services close to home.  This reason motivates us to continue”, explains Mr. René Beaudet, President of the Friends of Healthcare group.


With regards to the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation

Since 1990, the Foundation, which is a solid partner of the Chaleur Regional Hospital, has invested more than 12 million dollars in projects that have had repercussions on the quality of care to the patients as well as a commitment of 5 million dollars towards the major campaign for the planning and acquisition of the major construction project of the Chaleur Regional Hospital.


For more information, please contact:

Mona Doucet, Director of Development

506-544-2370, [email protected]