The Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation shows an excellent financial results for 2021-22

Bathurst, March 9, 2023 – The Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation is ending its 2021-22 fiscal year with a balance sheet that reflects an enviable performance, despite a turbulent context.

The president of the Foundation’s board of directors, Jean-Guy Robichaud, does not hesitate to attribute this success to the efforts of his team, which demonstrates ingenuity on a daily basis to make the organization shine.

However, it is clearly through the generosity and mobilization of the community and the dedication of its many volunteers that the excellent balance sheet for the year 2021-22 emerges.

« Like you, we cannot wait for the new section of our regional hospital to open. We are very much looking forward to the day when you can see the results of your donations with your own eyes. This new construction is a major addition that will allow our health professionals to deliver health care and services of quality within an environment better tailored to meet your needs.» declared the Chairman Robichaud.

This positive financial picture is also a reflection of the response from donors who have fulfilled their commitment to the $5 million major campaign and various activities such as the Roses Radiothon, the Northern Star and other fundraising activities such as the charity golf classic.

The Foundation will have raised close to $490,000 during the past year’s fundraising activities. It will also have spent more than $902,000 to purchase various equipment to support front-line professionals, as well as to support staff development in several sectors of the hospital.

“With the help of our scholarship fund, we enable our health professionals to benefit from new knowledge to better diagnose, treat and care for patients. This is also what your donations are used for,” said Jean-Guy Robichaud in the Foundation’s annual report.

Among other major accomplishments over the past year, the Foundation’s Board of Directors endorsed a new 5-year strategic plan to continue its development. This document is structured around four strategic objectives that will guide the Board in its future actions for the Foundation.

Finally, it should be noted that in its 2021-22 annual report, in accordance with its current recognition policy, the Foundation also highlights the generosity of individuals, businesses, organizations and partners by listing its donors who gave $100 or more.


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