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Friday, April 26, support your radiothon!

The 18th edition of the event will take place on Friday, April 26, 2024, and is an ideal opportunity to honour the courage of people who are fighting or have fought against illness and to contribute to improving health care here at home first.

We are seeking your support today in order to purchase essential medical equipment that will help increase the quality of care we offer our patients. Every single donation will play a major role in our ability to ensure a safe and effective care environment. Please let us explain how essential and qualitative every piece of equipment is.

– A probe for the Surgical Suite used in breast cancer procedures will increase the number of patients seen per day;

– A medical device for the Gynecology Clinic used in an innovative and minimally invasive procedure will remove pathologies quickly and thereby eliminate the need for major surgery;

– Following breast cancer surgery, the Breast Health Clinic will provide foam prostheses that considerably reduce the risk of problems;

– In conjunction with the arrival of auro-oncologist, 3D medical imaging of the prostate will now be available

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images Mona Losier

In 2009, aged 44, I learned that I had breast cancer. It’s quite a shock when you think everything’s going well.

I didn’t give up. I fought hard and I won that battle.

Then, in November 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. I rolled up my sleeves and went into battle again. This is my first anniversary cancer free.

Following my second diagnosis, I had to make many trips to Chaleur Regional Hospital for my treatments, doctor’s appointments, and follow-up. Throughout this difficult period, the great care that I received from the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff reassured me and certainly helped me heal.

We all know someone who’s had cancer. It’s an illness that attacks indiscriminately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a young person, a senior, rich, or poor – everyone’s vulnerable. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and can strike anywhere, wherever you are. It affects people regardless of where they live and the language they speak.

Being the Chairperson of the Roses Radiothon is a chance for me to help other people battling this terrible illness. The Roses Radiothon allows us to purchase specialized cancer-related equipment so that we have the maximum possible care and services available to us here in our region, at our hospital.

The Roses Radiothon, it’s in our region, for our region!

images Eric Doucet

I was diagnosed with cancer for the second time in 2017 and I consider myself lucky to be able to receive my treatments at the Chaleur Regional Hospital, just minutes away from where I live. It was a different story when I had my first cancer in 2009.

At the time, in addition to having to travel outside the region for my treatments, the prognosis was not good, but I remained courageous and fought. You can imagine the positive impact of having access to treatments a few minutes away from home. My spouse, my family and my friends help give me courage and they are with me every step of the way for this second fight.

We are very fortunate to have access to the regional hospital. In addition to saving time and money, I can stay in the comfort of my home and keep doing my everyday activities. This might seem trivial, but it makes all the difference in my path to recovery.

Make a donation to the Roses Radiothon. In one way or another, every family is affected by cancer sooner or later. This is why it is important to have access to treatments in the community.