The past year has certainly been a major challenge due to the pandemic. However, this new reality is also making us realize once again how important our hospital is.

Our daily challenge is to innovate and create new fundraising opportunities. We are fortunate to be able to count on support from a small army of volunteers and a number of partners who are helping us reach our objectives. This is why we would like to thank the community for its tremendous generosity. It was able to adapt to the virtual changes introduced into our various programs and activities.

Last year, the Foundation contributed $470,856 to our hospital for your health. This success resulted from a collective effort, and we are extremely grateful for your support, which allows our health professionals to provide you with the best possible health care services. This year, donations were earmarked for the following sectors:

  • $60,256 for diagnostic sectors (12.80%)
  • $401,954 for patient care sectors (85.37%)
  • $8,646 for education and other sectors (1.84%)

Year after year, the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation works hard to achieve the organization’s ever more ambitious objectives.  We are extremely proud of how our volunteers and donors have met this year’s challenges. Thank you for your commitment, which is improving the health care and services available here in our region.

“Recognition is also due for the hard work of the Chaleur Regional Hospital’s employees, who have had to adapt quickly to the challenges posed by the pandemic. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. This pandemic has once again demonstrated the importance of having access to health care here in our region, for our region,” stated Jean-Guy Robichaud, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation.

The elected members of the Board of Directors of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation Inc. are: Jean-Guy Robichaud, Daryll Stothart, Annie Cyr, Stéphane Legacy (ex officio member), Dianne Hachey, Philippe Ferguson, Christina Mallet, Norma Aubut, Jennifer Cleversey-Moffitt, Jessica Poirier, Alice Hébert, Dr. John Leblanc, Claude Cormier and Joceline Maillet-Boudreau.

You may consult the 2020–2021 annual report by clicking on the following link: annual report 2020-2021