BATHURST – The Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation took advantage of its 27th annual general meeting to present a report of activities for fiscal year 2016-2017.

The Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation launched the largest fundraising campaign in the region’s history earlier this year in order to participate in an extensive project designed to modernize and expand our regional hospital through over $200 million in investments. Our $5 million campaign will tangibly strengthen this project that is a focal point for the region. The money raised will help acquire cutting-edge equipment.

“Despite our focus on the hospital’s major project, namely completion of the new addition by 2021, we have also been able to purchase equipment that is already benefitting patients and health professionals alike. In short, it is on your behalf that we have been able to invest the substantial sum of $457,471 in various areas of the Chaleur Regional Hospital to strengthen our health care services. Thank you for renewing your commitment to the Foundation. By doing so, you enable us to help your children, family, friends, co-workers, and fellow residents,” explained Jean-Guy Robichaud, Chairman of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation Board of Directors.

The elected members of the Board of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation Inc. are: Jean-Guy Robichaud, Chairperson, Daryll Stothart, Vice-Chairperson, Jennifer Henry, Treasurer, Annie Cyr, Secretary, Stéphane Legacy, ex officio member, Dianne Hachey, Philippe Ferguson, Normand Mourant, Yoland Chiasson, Jennifer Cleversey-Moffitt, Julie Pinette, Alice Hébert, Dr. John Leblanc and Elizabeth Arseneau.

The mission of the Chaleur Regional Hospital Foundation is to work with the Chaleur Regional Hospital to identify fundraising needs and then connect with the community to encourage giving. Operationally, we combine the support of Hospital endeavours with donor interests in an effort to meet the evolving healthcare needs.

For more information, please contact:

Mona Doucet, Director of Development Office


Caption of the photo:

Seating: Annie Cyr, Daryll Stothart, Jean-Guy Robichaud and Jennifer Henry

Standing: Dr John LeBlanc, Philippe Ferguson, Yoland Chiasson, Elizabeth Arseneau, Dianne Hachey, Alice Hébert, Jennifer Cleversey-Moffitt and Normand Mourant.

Absent: Stéphane Legacy and Julie Pinette.